Some of programmers, who moved to UFScripts, made my project - social file sharing network. The job done in time & with good level of basic testing! I definitely recommend UFScrips!
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Our Products

Products presented here are useful and free tools to aid the webmaster, marketing agency and other related industries. Currently there are 2 tools – UF Traffic Checker & UF Contact Finder. We are working hard to produce more effective help tools & welcome any feedback for exisitng tools! 

UF Contact Finder

Finds website owner contacts for 1 or group of sites in seconds!
Owner network availability identifier.
Export generated results to xls, csv or txt files.
Website contacts log for registered users.

UF Contact Finder is a perfect solution for those who has to communicate with mass of website owners.
In some cases daily time spent on it may reach 1-2 hours, but not anymore!

With this simple tool you can grab contacts of several websites at once! Even more, you’ll be notified in case website owner manages a network of sites!

Found results can be exported to CSV or TXT files.

Sometimes contacts appear as image, in these case tool will show you the page contact info can be taken from.

At some websites contact info appears encoded, current tool version doesn’t decode this information, while farther versions can do..

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UF Traffic Checker

Under reconstruction..
Estimates major website traffic parameters for 1 or several websites in seconds.
Export generated results to xls, csv or txt files.
Below you’ll find the list of calculated parameters:


Website Traffic Amount:
Estimated average daily website visits for the periods of last month & last 3 months. Calculated are RAW visits (not unique IPs), which means if any surfer visited the website, left it & then came back again – he will be calculated twice.

Calculates traffic % comming from different countries. All the countries are combined into groups called “tiers”:
Tier 1 Countries:USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Irland, New Zealand & more..
Tier 2 Countries:France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus & more..
Tier 3 Countries:China, India, Russia, Romania, Ukraine & more..

Search Engine Traffic:
Daily visitors a website receives from search engines. There are 2 generated results – average for last month & last 3 months.

Top 10 Google Positions:
Top 5 keywords which bring traffic to the website from Google. The number to the right of the keyword represent website position on this keyword. Our information picked from Google US datacenter, there is a possibility for little mismatch between our reccords & those you can manually check in Google – there are 2 possible reasons:
* Your manually picked info is taken from other Google datacenter.
* Our results show daily average, sudden Google changes won’t be seen immediately.

% SE On Main Page:
This parameter shows in percents how much SE traffic attraced by website’s main page comparing to it’s inner pages. This is useful parameter, which determines the real SE value of website’s main page & it’s inner pages. Our tips for the values:
85-100% – most of the traffic is comming to main page, inner pages have small SE value.
65-85% – The Best! The most of well ranked google sites with thousands of well ranked inner pages are at this range!
40-65% – main page & inner pages traffic is spread equally, this is also ok for good websites.
0-40% – main page has no SE positions, while website does have SE traffic on it’s inner pages.

There is a capcha image verification appears for 1-st daily usage only, after you approve your self once use all our tools without farther image verifications.
Websites with very small traffic amount (alexa over 1,000,000) are not calculated, the “-” symbol will be shown in their results.

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